Teacher Services

General Notes to Teachers

In order to have your students perform at our Sunday concerts, both you and your student must complete and mail in membership forms and fees for the current season.

Teachers may then register their students for performance by submitting a concert request form as outlined in “Concert Request Form” under Teacher’s Services.

There are usually two and sometimes three concerts scheduled on a concert Sunday beginning at 2:15.  Students and their teachers will be assigned a particular concert time which will be posted on the web site under Concert Times one week prior to the concert.

In view of the number of students and teachers that we serve, it is not possible to accommodate requests for specific concert times.  Please ensure that your students understand this need for availability on their part before you submit their concert request form.

All attending teachers are asked to mark the performances.  Teacher marking sheets will be available at the desk and should be put into the envelope for the Director of Scholarships after the concert.  Generally, the marks should follow the music festival system, using the range from the high 70’s to the low 90’s, with the marks mainly ranging from 80 to 88%.  Please mark ALL performances as this is a safeguard in case of any clerical slips in the scholarship programme and also ensures that students are tracked for the Lillian Jackson Trophy.

Please remember to advise families that are new to concert etiquette that it is important to stay for the entire concert to provide an audience for other club members.  In the unusual case where someone  must enter or exit the hall during the concert,  please advise them to do so very discreetly, and only between performances.

All performance material must be well prepared, preferably memorized, prior to each performance.  Students should be reminded to dress appropriately.

Notes regarding the Scholarship Program

Teachers may register their students in the graded scholarship program by submitting the scholarship application form as outlined under “Scholarship Application”.  This form should be received by the club prior to the student’s first performance of scholarship repertoire.  This programme is optional for students, and many students perform in the club without registering for the scholarship programme. About twenty five scholarships are awarded each season, and there is an effort to award at least one scholarship from every grade level.

Scholarship repertoire should be chosen according to the graded outline (see below) and must be performed by memory.  One piece may be selected from one grade higher, as is allowed in conservatory exams.

Students up to level 9 who have received a scholarship may not reapply for the same level scholarship in future years.  At the Grade 10 and ARCT level it is possible to divide the required repertoire evenly over two years, becoming eligible for a half scholarship for each year.


Required Repertoire for the Graded Piano Scholarship

Grades I-VII:  one piece from each of lists A, B, and C

Grades VIII and IX:  one piece from list A, one piece from list B, and one piece from either list C or list D

Grade X and ARCT:  one piece from each of lists A, C, D, and E, plus one movement from list B, and one study (six pieces in total).  The requirements may be divided and awarded over two years.

Required Repertoire for Voice

Grade I-IV: one song from list A, one song from list B, and one song from either A or B (three songs in total)

Grade V:  two songs from list A, one song from list B, and one song from either list A or list B (four songs in total)

Grade VI:  two songs from list A, and two songs from list B (four songs in total)

Grade VII-VIII:  two songs from list A, two songs from list B, and one song from list C

Grade IX-X:  two songs from each of lists A, B, and C (six songs in total)

ARCT:  one song from each of lists A, B, and C, one aria from an oratorio with recitative, one opera aria with recitative (five selections in total).


Required Repertoire for Graded String Scholarship

Grades I-III:  one piece from list A, one piece from list B

Grades IV one piece from each of lists A, B, and C

Grades V, VI, and VII:  3 selections from A, B, or C (two can be from the same list)

Grade VIII-IX:  Three selections total. Select from your choice of: A, B, and C, or A, C and D, or B, C, and D.

Grade X and ARCT:  one movement from List A, one movement from list B, one selection from list C, and one selection from List D.

A is a Concerto or Variations, B is a Sonata (one movement is acceptable), C is Romantic/Modern, and D is Unaccompanied (usually Baroque).


Required Repertoire for Graded  Flute Scholarship

Grade I-VI:  one piece from list A, one piece from list B

Grade VII-X:  one piece from list A, one piece from list B, and one piece from either list A or list B (three selections in all)

 ARCT:  One piece from each of Lists A , B, and C.

  • Other Instruments:  We would be happy to register other instruments for the scholarship programme.  Specific repertoire requirements should resemble the above requirements, and can be approved by contacting kmc@kanatamusicclub.com