Family Membership Application Form

Click here to download the Family Membership Application Form.

Family membership forms should be received by the club prior to your first performance of the season.  This fee covers all family members for their 1st instrument.  If a student plans to perform at the club in two different disciplines he will be required to send a 2nd membership fee for that second instrument ( to a maximum of two memberships per family.)

If you know at the start of the season that you will need a 2nd instrument fee, indicate “second instrument requested” on your membership form and include the $76.00 fee.  If you decide later in the year to perform at the club with a 2nd instrument, please submit a separate membership application before the time of your 2nd instrument concert with the added $38.00 fee.

All forms and payment should be mailed to our secretary:

Sherry Lu
2 Nanook Crescent
Kanata, Ontario
K2L  2A7