Notes to Students

To perform in the Kanata Music Club concerts, both you and your teacher must have applied for membership in the club for the current season.  A concert request form will be sent by your teacher to Kanata Music Club to register you for the concert.

Several separate concerts are scheduled on any given concert Sunday beginning at 2:15.  Your specific concert time will be posted one week prior to the concert on our web page titled Concert Times.  Be sure that you are available for the duration of the afternoon before you and your teacher agree to submit an application for a concert, as no special requests for specific concert times can be accommodated.

All performance material must be well prepared, preferably memorized, prior to each performance.  Scholarship repertoire must be performed from memory.

Students should wear clothing suitable for public performance.  No jeans, please.

Participants are expected to stay for the entire duration of the concert, providing a thoughtful and attentive audience for the other performing members.  Families with small children should discuss the need for quiet listening before the concert begins.  In the unusual case when someone must enter or exit the hall during the concert please do so very discreetly between performances.  Distracting noises and movement during a performance can upset both the performer and other audience members.

There is no admission fee at the door.  All interested guests and family are welcome free of charge.